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PFG Construction, LLC
The "P" stands for Professional

About Us

PFG Construction provides turn-key construction for prefabricated steel buildings to tenant build-outs and facility renovations.

Most construction projects can get pretty complicated and confusing when you don't do them for a living. Even then when the right procedures are not in place, a project can spin out of control very rapidly. Whether you are building a prefabricated building or doing a full floor tenant build out or moving into a two-man office, PFG Construction can help.

We have an experienced team of both in-house and subcontractors who both know how to not only produce professional work but be professional during the work. We can help with design needs and provide cost saving ideas as needed. PFG Construction has the ability to walk you through start to finish or just build what you designed. We carry a 5 million dollar insurance policy and provide regular safety meeting for our employees. Our supervisors always have their eyes open so all rules and regulations are followed.

We look forward in doing business with you in the future!

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